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These vegetable selections are generally planted in the garden when the danger of frost has passed and the soil has been warmed.  These vegetables are sold in 806 flats, which includes 48 total plants — 8 paks per flat with 6 plants in each pak.

Our current offering of these vegetables includes the following (days to maturity once planted is noted in parentheses):


  • Anaheim:  Green hot pepper that matures to red.  Fruits up to 8 inches long.   Good for canning and freezing.  (75 days)
  • California Wonder:  Early, thick-walled green bell pepper.  (75 days)
  • Cayenne:  These 5-7 inch long, bright red peppers are very hot!  (73-76 days)
  • Habanero:  One of the world’s hottest peppers.  Wrinkles at maturity.  (90-100 days)
  • Hungarian Hot Wax:  These very hot, long yellow peppers are good for canning.  (70 days)
  • Jalapeno:  A prolific producer of very hot, dark green fruits that ripen to red.  (58-62 days)
  • Purple Beauty:  Thick-walled blocky pepper that turns purple as it ripens.  (70 days)
  • Red Bell:  These peppers have 3 to 4 lobes and thick walls.  (68 days)
  • Super Chili:  This hybrid chili pepper produces large numbers of cone-shaped fruit on attractive compact plants.  Fruit matures from green to red.  (75 days)
  • Sweet Banana:  Long and tapered, these light yellow peppers mature to red.  (68 days)
  • Tabasco:  A small hot pepper that matures from green to yellow.  (80 days)
  • Thai Hot:  Attractive 8 inch plants bear many tiny green fruits that mature from green to red.  (70 days)
  • Yellow Bell:  Sweet tasting yellow bell pepper, ideal for containers and small gardens.  (65 days)