Petunia Bi-Color – Tritunia Blue Vein

Bravo Blue Vein

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Bright and showy, petunias are a colorful, sun-loving plant.  A tried and true classic annual, petunias are a great addition to the landscape.  Single grandifloras are the most popular because of their showy pack performance.  However, multifloras and the floribunda class are also excellent garden performers.  Great in borders, beds and pots.

Class/Color:  Grandiflora / Light blue with dark veins, fringed-edged flowers

Flowering Period:  Mid-June through mid-October

Growing Conditions:  Well-drained soils with occasional fertilization, as well as pruninig and deadheading, will produce bushy plants and continuous flowers.

Height: Grows 8-14 inches tall.

Spacing:  Plant 8-12 inches apart.

Light:  Full sun.