Vine Crops – Squash

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Most cucumbers, squash and melons are considered vine crops.  Plant in the warmed garden after the danger of frost has passed for the best start.

These vegetables are sold in 804 flats, which includes 32 total plants — 8 paks per flat with 4 plants in each pak.

Our current offering of these vegetables includes the following (days to maturity once planted is noted in parentheses):


  • Acorn (Table Ace):  Hybrid, dark green acorn type with golden yellow flesh.  Compact bushy plants.  (78 days)
  • Butternut (Waltham):  Very uniform strain with creamy tan skin, yellow orange flesh and a slightly nutty flavor.  (97 days)
  • Crookneck (Tara):  Yellow summer squash.  (55 days)
  • Yellow Straightneck (Seneca Prolific):  Good yield of creamy yellow straightneck squash.  (45 days)
  • Zucchini (Elite):  Heavy yielding hybrid produces slim, uniform dark green fruit.  (50 days)