These vegetable selections are generally planted in the garden when the danger of frost has passed and the soil has been warmed.  These vegetables are sold in 806 flats, which includes 48 total plants — 8 paks per flat with 6 plants in each pak.

Our current offering of these vegetables includes the following (days to maturity once planted is noted in parentheses):


  • Beefmaster:  Full-flavored tomatoes up to 2 pounds.  Disease resistant strain of beefsteak.  Indeterminate.  (80 days)
  • Best Bush:  Stocky plant will produce 9 ounce red fruits and may sometimes need staking.  Determinate.  (70 days)
  • Better Boy:  Large, deep globe-shaped fruits.  Resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt and tolerant to nematodes.  Indeterminate.  (70 days)
  • Big Boy:  Vigorous grower that produces fruit up to 1 pound with heavy foliage.  Indeterminate.  (78 days)
  • Celebrity:  Early and prolific with large 6 to 8 ounce fruits.  Determinate.  (72 days)
  • Early Girl:  The earliest slicing tomato available.  Plants yield an abundance of 4 to 6 ounce fruits.  Indeterminate.  (52 days)
  • German Johnson:  Potato leaf plants bear large fruits, pink all the way through.  Low acidity, great flavor and few seeds.  Indeterminate.  (80 days)
  • Golden Jubilee:  Non-acid yellow tomato.  Indeterminate.  (80 days)
  • Marglobe:  Mid-season variety produces 6 ounce fruits.  Determinate.  (75 days)
  • Mountain Pride:  Large, deep globe fruits are firm.  Determinate.  (80 days)
  • Park’s Whopper:  Excellent garden performer.  Extra large delicious fruit.  Indeterminate.  (80 days)
  • Roma:  Plum to pear-shaped fruit on sturdy plants.  Excellent paste tomato.  Determinate.  (75 days)
  • Rutgers:  Excellent mid-season variety with globe-shaped fruit.  Indeterminate.  (78 days)
  • Supersonic:  Produces large, clean fruit.  Indeterminate.  (79 days)
  • Super Sweet 100:  A unique cherry tomato which produces high yields of one inch extra sweet tomatoes.  Stake plants to produce long, multiple branched clusters containing 100 or more fruits each.  Indeterminate.  (65 days)