Lantana – Luscious Bananarama

Patriot Sunbeam


We are proud to be a Gold Key Grower for the Proven Winners’ brand of plants.  The 4-1/2″ branded pots come 8 to a tray while the gallon branded pots are 3 per tray.

If you are looking for a plant that will thrive on neglect, lantana is the champ!  According to the Humane Society of America, lantana leaves can be toxic to pets.  This means that the plants are generally identified as having the capability for producing a toxic reaction.

Pot Size:  4-1/2″ and Gallons

Color:  Yellow-gold florets create a vivid contrast to  rich green foliage.

Features:  Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds; no deadheading; drought tolerant; fragrant foliage; heat tolerant; landscape plant; low maintenance; native to the Americas.

Height:  12-18 inches (medium)

Spacing:  24-36 inches apart

Habit:  Trailing

Uses:  Landscapes and containers

Flowering Period:  Planting to hard frost

Hardy Temp:  28 F (-2 C)

Exposure:  Sun

Water Needs:  Normal

Maintenance:  Easy

Growing Conditions:  If you are looking for a tough plant, it’s hard to beat lantana.  Lantana are heat tolerant, use little to no supplemental water in the landscape and will tolerate less than ideal soils and usually do not need to be deadheaded.  An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.