Lobularia – Blushing Princess

Blushing Princess


We are proud to be a Gold Key Grower for the Proven Winners’ brand of plants. The 4-1/2″ branded pots come 8 to a tray.

This is one plant that should be on everyone’s list! It is extremely vigorous and has a long bloom time. Works great in hanging baskets, window boxes and as a filler in combinations.

Pot Size: 4-1/2″

Color: Light pink flowers with green foliage

Features: Attracts butterflies; no deadheading; fragrant flowers; heat tolerant; landscape plant; low maintenance; needs good drainage; best seller

Height: 4-6 inches (short)

Trails up to: 48 inches

Spacing: 8-10 inches apart

Habit: Trailing

Uses: Landscapes and containers

Flowering Period: Planting to hard frost

Hardy Temp: 32 F (0 C)

Exposure: Part sun to sun

Water Needs: Normal

Maintenance: Easy

Growing Conditions: Snow Princess is cold tolerant and heat tolerant. It is a “heavy drinker” and will prefer evenly moist soil. It will show drought stress quickly, but should bounce back once re-hydrated. In a hanging basket, you should be prepared to water often, maybe more than once a day during warm weather. In containers, an application of continuous release fertilizer at planting is best. A yearly application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will ensure the best possible performance.