Sutera (Bacopa) – Snowstorm Blue Bubbles

Snowstorm Blue


We are proud to be a Gold Key Grower for the Proven Winners’ brand of plants.  The 4-1/2″ branded pots come 8 to a tray.

A great addition to combination planters, adding texture and contrast for an interesting display.

Pot Size:  4-1/2″

Color:  Lavender flowers and green foliage

Features:  No deadheading; low maintenance; landscape plant; best seller

Height:  4-8 inches (short)

Trails up to:  36 inches

Spacing:  8-10 inches apart

Habit:  Trailing

Uses:  Landscapes and containers

Flowering Period:  Planting to hard frost

Hardy Temp:  30 F (-1 C)

Exposure:  Part sun to sun

Water Needs:  Normal

Maintenance:  Easy

Growing tips:  Unlike most plants, Sutera will not wilt when drought stressed.  Before the plant shows signs of wilting, it will drop both the flowers and the buds on the plant.  It takes about 2 weeks for the plant to come back into bloom after it has been drought stressed.  To maintain constant bloom you will either need to monitor the plant closely and water before the soil gets too dry or you could plant it with a plant that does wilt, such as verbena, coleus, or petunias.  These companion plants will serve as indicator plants to let you know that the Sutera is dry and should help you avoid having the plant dropping blooms and buds due to drought stress.  An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.